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Save More Than Money

Save More Than Money

Saving more than money both locally and abroad.

What is Save More Than Money?

‘Save More Than Money’ is a new telecoms tariff that Amelix Telecom has developed aimed at benefitting communities in East Africa. The premise of the initiative is simple; we will save you money on your phone bill and give 50% of our profits to projects in East Africa.

What projects benefit?

So far we are proud to be one of the first telecoms company’s in the UK, if not the world, to put broadband and IT infrastructure into a school in a slum in Kampala, Uganda. We are also supporting schools and colleges by providing education links and live web chats to schools across Africa to help unite communities and give a unique learning experience to young people in the UK and abroad. In addition we are working with charities in the region to make the links sustainable and provide technology to enrich lives.

Why Should I Switch to Save More Than Money?

Everybody needs phone lines and internet so why not save money and do good at the same time. It really is as genuine as it sounds allowing businesses to feel safe in the knowledge that every time they make a phone call or send an email, they will be raising money towards a life changing project in Africa.

The best bit is that we won’t lock you into a long contract, as with all our phone services you can sign up on a 30 day rolling contract with no small print or difficult opt out charges and you are free to switch tariffs anytime you like.

This sounds too good to be true, how do I switch?

To begin the process we will do a bill comparison to see exactly how much we can help you save as well as how much we can help you give with Save More Than Money. Simply email a copy of your phone bill to telecoms@amelix.co.uk or contact us here and we will do all the maths for you.

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